Award-winning journalist.

Based on the East Coast, I've written for a variety of publications, distilling government records, studies, historical documents, interviews and more into interesting, easy-to-understand articles and blog posts.

About Imari

I'm a freelance journalist on the East Coast. While I've written for nearly every beat I can think of, I now primarily focus on investigative and public service journalism, historical perspectives and anniversaries, the environment and other data-rich topics.

I worked as the sole reporter for a weekly newspaper in North Carolina for five years, editing obituaries, co-managing the website, creating weekly article budgets, and writing for every beat. I shot my own photography and created/edited short videos, as well.

Before that, I managed my college's newspaper as its editor and co-managed the literary magazine at my college. I also completed online and newspaper internships.

Through all of these opportunities, I've had a variety of experiences in creative, academic, newspaper and magazine writing, editing, photography, and video shooting/editing.

I earned five press awards, including two for first place, from the North Carolina Press Association in one year while employed at a community newspaper.

I became a freelancer in 2017.

You can learn moreĀ here.

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Next Steps...

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