Amazon Prime Day deals for journalists and freelancers

It can be expensive to buy new gear, especially if you’re a freelancer and have to buy many things yourself. Amazon’s Prime Day (on Oct. 13-14) is a great time to find discounts on everything from office supplies to electronics.

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I looked through the deals and found several that look like great cost-saving opportunities. Some are extremely time-sensitive, so be sure to look for when the deals expire. Good luck!


  • WD 12TB Desktop Hard Drive, USB 3.0 – This could be a good option for storing photos, videos, voice recordings, extra copies of articles and more. I have a different WD hard drive and love it. There are also smaller sizes available as well as a 14 TB drive.

  • Voice recorders – There are several different options in different styles available through Prime Day deals. I selected the one below (I’m not sure if it’s on sale) to highlight due to its high space capacity and great reviews, but there are many other options to choose from at this link.

  • Ring lights. If you’re streaming videos from home, consider using a ring light to boost your brightness. That link leads to Prime Day options, but I use one similar to the ones below. They’re great for making videos or participating in video calls. The first one listed below is large and comes with a tripod. The second one is smaller and a great size to tuck into a bag in case you need it for shooting video later.
  • Vehicle power inverters. My car is essentially a mobile office. I use a power inverter similar to the one below to charge my laptop and other electronics when I’m away from home.

Wearable accessories

  • Blue light blocking glasses may help reduce the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to. There is mixed research on how well they work, but some research suggests that using computer glasses, or blue light blocking glasses, may help reduce eye strain and retina damage. There are blue light glasses available for Prime Day, but there are inexpensive options that are not on sale, too.

Office supplies

  • Pens. Can we ever have enough of them?

  • Highlighters. There are several different options, from classic neon yellow to softer pastels. I color-code a lot of my notes and normally have multiple colors in my bag and desk.

  • Printer ink – There are way too many options to list in this post, but you can find the Prime Day options at this link.

  • With a standing desk, you can also try an anti-fatigue board/balance board.

  • Desk calendars. I keep everything listed digitally, but I love using a large desk calendar. It helps me to see everything in one place, and it’s easy for me to mark appointments over the phone, then add them to my digital calendar when I hang up. I love seeing a bird’s-eye view of my month as soon as I sit at my desk.

What Prime Day deals have you found?

Blog banner photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash