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There are multiple ways a freelancer gets paid, but they often end up in one of three categories: per word, per hour or per project. There are pros and cons to each model, and publications pay wildly varying amounts.

Sometimes, an article comes quickly. It's great when that happens, but often, a freelance journalist spends hours researching outlets, searching for new material and angles, crafting pitches and more-- all work that may not yield any payment. Once a piece is published, some publications pay immediately while others hold off on payment for weeks or even months.

All of these factors, plus the 'extra' work put in to updating portfolios, blogging, making website changes, communicating with editors and more can make payments difficult to predict. It's part of the nature of freelancing. There are also basic costs for utilities, supplies, software and this website.

All of this makes the process an adventure. I have no plans to stop writing, but every dollar makes it easier for me to spend more time writing and taking on new challenges.

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